Thursday, January 22, 2015

Doctor and PT came off good

Yesterday PT went really well. They gave me some news things to work on such as the hand peddling bike - whatever it's called. Two minutes forward then two minutes backwards. Tiring but it was okay. The pool exercise were as normal but I worked while in the pool with two others. No problem.

The doctors appointment went really well. BP and BS counts were good plus I got set up for more PT orders. She increased one of my BP meds to two a day just to try to stabilize it a bit. As I got ready to go she wanted to see me walk and seemed very proud that I no longer "wobbled". She said I was stepping straight forward not slinging my left leg to the side first.

my computer life at TpT seems to be going very well. This month I'm up to $60 worth of sales. Not much to others but not bad for an old middle school guy. I take what I can get.

Got to get off here and go take my meds for the morning and get ready for the day.

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