Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What has been going on over the past - uh, I don't know how long....

It's funny I guess, just to know that I have been away for the past six plus months. Lots has happened to me, most of it not good but I am recovering from it all.

I have been hit with a mini-stroke and spent a few days in the hospital. I finally went to my doctor and she stressed that I needed to go see the knee doctor. He looked at my x-rays to told me my knee was "bone on bone" then he took x-rays of my hip and said I really should be hurting big time because it was "bone on bone" also. He then sent me to physical therapy which I was doing and getting better in little bitty increments.

Then I was hit with a bout of hypertension. That put me back in the ER  and on stronger meds. My doctor set me for some stronger meds at night.  Then she wanted me to chart my BP and BS each day.

At that point I went back to PT and realized that I was set back a little bit. Been in PT for a couple of weeks now getting back to where I was went this second item happened. All of this has kept me from subbing, working around the house the way I want to. But it is not stopping me from everything. Yes I do get out and "walk" our nearby Wal-Mart, I do get out and do some yard-work, I do still get some computer work done. Yes I do have PT three days a week and today I have PT plus a doctors appointment.

Would I like to be back where I used to be? Sure. But that's not going to happen anytime soon. I just need to learn, "take it one step at a time".

My BP and my BS levels are better. Yes I can still type on here - even if it is one handed for now, PT is partly in the gym and partly in the pool but it is all getting better - one step at a time.

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