Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Praying, dog walking, and NON-BLIZZARD of 2015

Every night I go to bed thinking about what I used to do - walk around the block, work around the house, teach school - all before my leg "went bad" and I learned of my knee problems. I used to coach softball - 32 years worth and I still wish I could. There are things I want to do today. I pray each night to get back to where I was. Will it ever happen - who knows.

I refused to put my brace on this morning and I plan to go as long as possible today without it. PT has been helping each day and I can only hope today goes well.

My BP and BS are doing much better since I got my new meds. I slept very well last night - not getting up to go to bathroom every couple of hours. That was a plus.

I read the paper today and heard all the bad news about our state going bankrupt due to falling gas prices but it is their own dang fault. They are spending money they don't have and it is now hurting them. I can't spend money I don't have - my bank won't let me. The state SHOULD  be like its own people - stop when the money runs out.

Well, I have to take the dog out for him to go potty. Its the job I get stuck with since we decided to keep him for our grand-daughter. I would rather......I best not go there....I will just get into trouble....best go take him outside.

Okay. Walked outside in the NON-BLIZZARD of 2015 and enjoyed the med nice this morning. I checked the mail, tossed the junk-mail and put my flags out along the front porch. Will go back out and sit on the porch in the sunlight. The temps are nice and sort of warm.

Y'all have a nice day.

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