Thursday, January 29, 2015

PT post .... are post PT

Seems like every time I go to PT ... which is three times a week ... they add a new thing for me to do. Yesterday it was a new "band stretching activity". Today it is a new stationary bike exercise. I know it is all meant to help me get better and to where I want to be. But it means less time in the warm pool each day.

I also know they are trying to get me more things in 'gravity' and not rely on the weightlessness of the pool, which I get....and I want. It means, every day I can look forward to less AND more. But I'm okay with it since I know the direction they have me headed in. I want to get there too.

Getting dressed each day to be able to go into the pool after my workout in the gym is a royal pain. And it is a pain to get dried off after the pool time too. I worry everyday because they have a sign in the bathroom to limit your change time to TEN MINUTES and I am always conscience of how long I take. I am taking less time now than three weeks ago but still longer than I think I should,

Around the house things are better. As they tell me...."Every step or movement is a tiny step - but every tiny step adds up to a big step". I can see it because my last 'major' step was getting out of the pool by myself. Climbing those steps out became a major 'leap'. I no longer needed any help. I walk around the pool to the bathroom to change - it's not perfect steps every day but I see the steps getting better.

If I look back to where I was, I know I'm better than I was. Am I perfect, am I ready to walk on my own, am I ready to run, am I ready to be back like I was 8 months ago - NO, but I am better each day.

As my own doctor said, she was worried that insurance might not want to pay for rehab but the flip side was going back to the hospital which was a lot more costly. My rehab bill for the first month was just over two thousand dollars and my part was $137. My three days in the hospital was over $30,000. Take your pick. Test in the hospital are not cheap.

PT this time is three months, which gives me lost of PT time to get better - and it is working - I can see it and feel it - in little tiny chunks.

I'll get there, it might take me a while but I will get there.

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