Friday, January 30, 2015

Thursday PT, a sale, and other stuff

Thursday's PT  became more work and almost to much work before it was done with all new workout equipment they made me do. I went from "I know what to do" to "something totally unexpected". The day started with the sitting stair climber to a real box step up stair to the side-step slide to a arm stretch pulley routine to the stand up real stair climber to the exercycle. Today's routine was 45+ minutes of 'hard' work. It wasn't terrible but just different. My legs were tired for the first time in the last two months.

It felt great but not so great at the same time. All of this added to my normal bands pull also.

Then I got to go to the pool and do more workouts but when I went home I felt much better. Heck as I look back it was nice because I could  do all that. It was and hour and a half of tuff love but I did it - and was still smiling.

On a much friendlier note, I am throwing a sale on 70+ items in my TpT store. It is the stuff that has not been moving. It's good stuff, I know because I've used it and many of my teacher friends have 'stolen' it from me to use in their classrooms. It just has not sold here on TpT. I just figured I would give it one more try then take 'em down, re-work, and re-dress the worksheets and give them a whole new look. Want them cheap then check them out. There's 70+ of  235 items in stock.

Most of the ones on the left side are not on sale, least I don't think so.

My G-daughter spent the last night since her mom had to work an overnight doing inventory. Now she just has to get up for school today.

My day features my wife doing honor band stuff all day and me doing garage cleanout before trash comes, plus just hanging out on the computer.

It's funny that no one every reads these things. I have a few followers but I don't think they even read this. Generally I could write whatever I wanted and no one would "tell".

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