Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Seven Days of sickness

It has been a very miserable three days as I suffered through a 24/48 stomach flu that me down sleeping very long, not eating, not drinking, not going the bathroom, nothing for the first two days. The third day was just a little better as I could get up and down all da eating a couple of crackers, eating a few cantaloupe slices, and one time drinking a LITTLE tiny glass of protein shake, and another eating a few peach slices throughout the day. A late shower allowed staggering to my nephew’s birthday/going away to the Marines went as well as expected. A full night’s sleep last night worked well so I am up and at it this morning.

I feel so much better today so I feel like I can tell about the “flu: or whatever it was that go me down. This thing hit me so hard that I did not get to see my youngest grandson or my granddaughter over the two days. I did not eat or drink anything. I had nothing but dry heaves for the time period.

Sunday I was still not completely better but I was up and around even though I did not make it to church. I did manage to stay up most of the day and watch some TV and talk to my wife a little bit.

On Monday I had a doctor’s appointment in LC and after I filled out a bible of paperwork got to meet with two nurses and two doctors. All info was great but it was more and MORE questions about my knee. BY the time I left I had missed seeing my grandson heading off to the Marine recruit center at Paris Island.  I only missed his leaving by 10 minutes but I STILL missed it. I headed up coming home and sleeping for three hours. From there I stayed awake the rest of the day/evening.

Today (Tuesday) I got up just fine and feel almost NORMAL and I hope things will go well. I am still ten pounds down from normal but I feel better. Had breakfast which was leftover from yesterdays meal but it was good.

Now I have things I want to get done from the last seven days!

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