Saturday, November 23, 2013

Moving On

Well, it’s cold. Make that COLD and it is getting COLDER. If the weather conditions hit the Freezing mark in South Louisiana it is considered COLD. Especially in November. IT never gets this cold before February but the climate is changing and it is getting colder by the day down here. Right now it is 48 degrees but as it gets darker outside things may and will get colder as the night goes on. They are taking about a low of 32 and even colder in a couple of days.

Come Wednesday I have a doctor’s visit to get an injection I my knee of Supartz. It should help my legs and knee get better and better.

I have still been working on lessons for my classes next year but I still don’t really know if they work because I can’t test them. But hey, I am coming up with a ton of ideas and projects.

Christmas is coming up and that will drag me down due to not having any real money since I don’t have a paycheck. This is just going to make me even sadder.

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