Sunday, September 1, 2013

Think I'm bored?

Listened to my university put the butt-whipping to a much bigger, stronger, more players than we have, team in south Florida. We got $400,000 payoff for playing them PLUS we beat them big time – 53-21. We will take it anytime. We were considered to be the underdogs before the game but came out smelling sweet! And we played them at their house! We only have about 9,000 students enrolled and they have over 40,000. Some things look so good in the morning as well as last night! We will take it anytime we can get it.

Time to get ready for church. Took all my meds, did all my BS/BP, and called in my prescriptions for refill. Need to pay a few online bills and sit back and wait for whatever is next. Need to go by Lowe’s to pick up a few things. This afternoon I can work on my shelves a bit more. Maybe, just maybe I can get them up today.

Things are just a little slower than they used to be but they are getting done – bit by bit. It gets to me that I can't go as fast as I used to. I am not used to waiting around so much. I think this is part of why my weight gain or lack thereof has not changed much. I always weigh in at one pound down, then one pound up, then a half pound down, then a half pound…you get the picture. Over the last 30 days it bounced from 3 pounds down to one pound up and it has changed daily. Nothing major.

Looking at another week of nothing but PT and sitting around. Piddling. I don’t like this. I am used to being busy big time. I am hoping to have my bathroom completed this week. I have enjoyed these guys around but I want them done so I can actually use the bathroom and new shower room! I also hope that next week I have good news about my surgery for my knee and my brace also. I want all this “other” stuff out of my life so things can just get back to normal – whatever that is.

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