Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Stupid me

Boy did I mess up Monday afternoon. I was doing something I should not be doing and made a huge MISTAKE. I was trying to build my shelves and move them inside. I was bringing in one board and I got to the second step and dropped the board and fell cutting my arm big time. Blood was running everywhere since I am on blood thinners. I got fused at by my wife because I SHOULD KNOW BETTER  and I should not be doing this.

I came in, cleaned up my arm, sat for the rest of the day – I sulked really. Tuesday I went to PT and they asked me about it – I ended up telling them that I was stupid. The arm is getting better and I am just sitting around doing not much of anything.

My wife has my car at a registration for the youth orchestra and I am just sitting here (gets boring I know). The plumber came today to finish the bathroom and part of the things he needed was not here. The company said I picked it up but they don’t have a signature showing that I did. They ordered a new part to be here in the AM. I will go pick it up so he can finish the work. The toilet seat is still not in so I guess the bathroom is about 99.95% complete, but it’s not done yet.

My wife is leaving tomorrow afternoon for a church retreat – an Catholic ACTS retreat, the same that I just got back from about three months ago. NO, I will not try something stupid. I will just go to PT like normal. I will sit at home alone, watch some TV alone, go to bed alone, get dressed and sit some more alone, and go to church alone….

My doctor’s told me today that I should have knee surgery until it is really giving me problems. The shot I have caused my BP to spike way up and surgery might not be a good thing right now. I have to agree. He seems to think that PT is working and I should let that work for a while then make the decision.

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