Friday, September 6, 2013



That just how I feel today since my wife is gone on her Catholic church A.C.T.S. retreat for the weekend. I when to bed early last night and went to PT this morning. They all say the same thing, “you are getting better”, I know it is true because there are things I just could not do three weeks ago and now at least I can feel my lets moving and my head helping out on the keyboard.

I know that they took their phones and watches away so there is no way to contact her because I was  there at the beginning of June. I sort of know what they are doing tonight and what is planned for tomorrow. I know what kind of food she is eating now and how much she is enjoying herself – been there.

Now I am not eating very good because I have to cook for one. But it is okay. Let’s see today I went to double PT, then I went to town to pick up the one part we need to FINISH the bathroom – they didn’t have it because the truck was delayed, came home and tried to fix dinner but electricity went off and was off for about two hours, sat and watch some TV but was bored, the plumbing guy came by to deliver that one small part, took out trash, took a shower in my unfinished bathroom, washed the sheets and blanket for our bed and put them back on the bed, been reading various websites, cooked little can of chili, and probably will go to bed early again tonight. Exciting day I know.

But hey, I did not do anything stupid.

I just watched the CBS show TEACH about some really gifted teachers. I feel that I do those things and have inspired students to become teachers in their own lives. i only wish I could still do the things I have always done at my current school but I am told I can’t because we don’t have our own buses and getting one would be too expensive to buy or even rent. I am sad that I can’t do these things for my own students anymore.

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