Saturday, September 7, 2013


This has been one really lon-n-n-n-g day and it is just noon. I have painted a wall, had my daughter come by to leave her cat so we can cat sit for a week while THEY go on vacation, at a tiny lunch, just killing time till I go out to the candlelight ceremony for my wife’s retreat. My sister is bringing supper about 5-6. By 9ish I will be back and heading to bed. It has really seemed long today. Sure there are a few football games on but nothing of interest. Maybe I can check out on-demand and find something or just take a nap. I can think of all the things I want to do but I don’t want to get into trouble.

There is just not much to do if I am going to stay out of trouble. Maybe I can at least make a list of what I want or need to do….

1 – cut the grass,

2 - Edge the yard,

3 – walk around the yard

4 – work on my selves

5 – go by Lowes to pick up screws for shelves

6 – finish shelves and start moving books and class materials

7 – star emptying file cabinets

8 – measure and cut door for back hot-water heater closet

9 – drill and mount toilet paper holder

10 – drill and mount towel rack in shower

11 – clean floors leading to shower room

12 - Cut and put down thresh-hold for shower room/bathroom

13 – play with grand-daughter

14 – work on lesson idea

My sister just sent supper/lunch. Very good eating. That gives me something to do at least. Just head some thunder. Hate to say it but I want my wife back. It has been too quite around here. I guess when you have been married for over 42 years you miss the other a lot – and I miss her!

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