Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday is time, oh wait, everyday is off right now....

I have to stop thinking that Saturday is my only off time because it isn’t. I have been outside cutting shelves for my back book room/ classroom/ whatever it will be called. It has been slow as all get out but it is getting done. My wife is out on the back porch replanting her plants.

Yesterday I had both left arm PT and leg PT. The arm lady said I need to get the muscles back working, use them all the time I need something done – button buttons – I wear pullovers but my wife wore a button up PJ shirt to bed and I unbutton all those buttons this morning - clean the table, use it to type which I am doing right now. It has been slow and I am making a ton of mistakes but I can see more work coming out of that hand right now.

My leg is getting better and I tend to walk around without a cane when I can. All of this is getting better but I just have to do things different than before. Emailing and typing on here is slow but I am getting stronger. I just need to think more about what I need to get do so that I can get back to my students. They need me – I hope.

I take my BP every morning before anything, I take my BS before I have breakfast – which the needle stick is getting old – but I need to put it in an excel sheet for my doctor. I weigh myself each morning but the weight has not changed much – it fluctuates up and down about three pounds no matter what my wife fixes or doesn’t fix.

I look over the excel sheet and things have been the same for the past month.  The numbers just have not changed – that’s good and bad – good in the sence that I am at my normal weight and that won’t change and my BP and BS is very stable but bad because I want all of it to come down somewhat.

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