Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday rambling

I finally got an appointment to talk to the doctor who is going to do my knee surgery so that is a good thing. I also did get an appointment to start doing PT for my left hand. All this is good news for the future even though I know it will be a long time going before I am back in the swing of things. I just don’t want to be hobbled up anymore.

Yesterday we went to the country with our grandsons and my life out there was miserable because I had to sit around and watch my grandson cut grass – my job – and I was bored out of my – lets just say, I was BORED!

We went by the plumbing place to pick up the last item we need so that the plumber can come by and do his thing. I cannot wait until a day gets here that I don’t have to get up and let some person in at 7:30 in the morning. I want to post photos so people will know hat has been done.

It star at that point our bathroom remodel will be done. Eight weeks and it is useable as a small two week four feet remodel and grew into an 8 week 8 feet remodel. It went from a small normal shower to a huge walk in tiled shower with skylight, rain head, hand held, two bench, wet and draw shower with no glass door. It was NOT supposed to be this big or expensive but it just turned out this way. However, we love it.

I made a jump drive for a newbie teacher here in Louisiana of everything I have on my own jump drive. I have emailed her and told her I would tell her how to use everything if she can’t figure a lesson out. I don’t mind giving my things away. Heck, what’s mine is yours I always say. Teachers of Louisiana history have to share because there are just not enough resources. I have the #1 ranked website on Google for Louisiana lesson plans and resources at I am happy that someone can use items located there. I would just love to have even more sharing.

Got to go get ready. I have double PT in a bit. Wish me well.

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  1. You bathroom sounds like a dream come true. Can't wait to see the pics. And I definitely agree with you about sharing things. That's why my TPT store is free. I wouldn't have what I do if others hadn't helped me. We're all in this together!