Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rather be teaching!

The tile guy pretty much finished his work in our remodeled bathroom today. The electrical guy is coming this afternoon to finish his part.  The tile guy will be back tomorrow to look at his work, do any last minute details and be finished. The plumber will be in to do his last minute things on Thursday. By Friday I SHOULD have a completed bathroom remodel after 8 weeks of tear-out and remodeling. By Saturday I should be able to use my “new” bathroom. However, there are still small items I need to do- such as get new towels, sweep, clean, and touch up items that were missed.

All this while still having PT three days a week. I have PT for my leg and now PT for my left hand. However, I still use both and I am painting, cutting out items, and nailing items together. I may be a little slow but I am getting it done. I am not going to let this stroke slow me down very much – or at least a lot. I just can’t stand to go slow.

My oldest grandson is here to help out but he is a high school grad so “he knows better than me”. Kids to not do what they are told. They think they know better. I need the grass cut but he wants to use the riding mower instead of using the push mower around the edges first. He does things backwards then he has to go back and redo things. I love him but he needs to learn that his old grandpaw does know better. My brain does still work!

I have painted the wall in the back bedroom – it has been SLOW but it has been done. Now I can start assembling shelves to put up back there. It may be slow but at least it will get done. My brain wants to go faster but the body just won’t let me. It makes me very sad. The nurse in PT tells me that I am getting better each time I go but I think she has to say that.

I see myself having to s-l-o-w down and I don’t like it. I think about my students that someone else is teaching and I don’t like that either! I hate this. I am a teacher FIRST and should be in the classroom – not just setting here one figure typing on my laptop!

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