Sunday, August 25, 2013

help from a pre-k kid

Getting to play with my 4 year old grand-daughter is fun. She has spent the past couple of days “helping” me get in and out of the car. I play up the need for her help and she just eats it up. She opens the side van door, lifts my legs, helps me help her get into her car seat, sits with me quietly at church, holds my hand as I “hobble” along outside – of course she walks to fast for me but that’s okay.

The only problem this morning was that she had to get maw-maw to go with her to the donut store instead of going with me. She pretty much took care of everything else today. Now that she has been picked up and is gone I can get back to doing for myself. She is, however, a fairly reliant pre-k student. I love her.

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