Thursday, January 24, 2013


I made it to the first click today. WOW. I know it is just a temp thing. But that is okay. Today was neat as my students began to work on their “Home Remedy” booklets. They have 12 remedies to create and collect from parents, grandparents, and great-grand-parents. Should be a cool next Wednesday.

Monday is our school wide Social Studies and Science fair. Means I won’t have students next Monday after church. They will be tired up all day. I will be finishing the day with an asmbly on Mardi Gras and how things came to be – 12th night – Fat Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday - Ash Wednesday – Lent – Easter etc.

 I am starting a movie next week. After they watch they will have a sequel to write about what happened next since there is “no next” after the movie. They will write plus draw a story that they make up covering all the main characters in the movie.

They have loved this each year and I am looking forward to seem the outcome again this year. They will also be doing my Cellphone from the Past activity from here on TpT. It worked great last year.

The week after we will be watching the second movie based on the time period. From there they will be creating their own Instagram photos from one of the lead characters. There is so much going on.

That will take us to the Civil War and the project (TpT) and their computer work for it. After that we move on to my student’s “Guess who is coming to dinner” computer project which is so cool. They have to invite six people, give me info on each, give topics to talk about that the dinner guests will take part in, create a meal to serve, look up and figure the cost of the meal, and so forth. That will take 5 -7 days. Then it is on to Huey P. Long and his story. And the quarter will be over.

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  1. Wow! It's interesting to see how similar some of our assignments are! I do an assignment called OMG My Blackberry, where students have to consider the contents, including texts and emails, for a character in their novels. My favorite is when they are reading historical fiction novels.

    I also do a narrative writing assignment where the students invite four famous people, dead or alive, to a dinner party. Their goal is to write the dialogue of a conversation that would likely take place between very unlikely guests.