Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Today I spent all day – with the exception of the two classes I taught – working on the yearbook. I have over ten years working on yearbooks but this one is really beating me up. It is not the normal middle school book where I know all the teachers. It is book that covers everything from Pre-K 2 to eighth grade. It has been fun taking copies of their pages around and getting them checked for spelling, missing kids, and other ‘problems’.

I saw everyone today which was a bit strange but got it all covered. Next week I have the yearbook advisor coming by to see me for a bit. She is as new at this as I am with this company. I have done yearbook with another company for the last dozen years. It is unusual but I am getting the hang of it.

The book will be my normal overkill has I have a TON of photos. I have always believed that middle school is all about photos. High School is different but for me it is pictures, pictures, and pictures. Right now I have space for over 2500 photos in a 68 page book. I want the boss to understand that I know how to put together a really great book. Right now she is telling me over and over to not be taking photos of girl’s teams. I have shot pictures of girl’s teams for years and years with no one getting upset. I have coached my on softball team for over 30 years. I have coached my own basketball team for over a dozen years. Let me do the job you asked me to do.

I love my job even though I would love it better if I taught a few more classes each day. I don’t like ebing a PART-TIME teacher.

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  1. Why doesn't she want you taking photos of the girls' teams?