Friday, February 1, 2013


I have been shopping around TpT for the last couple of weeks looking for things that I can “tweak” and make my own. It is not because the items are not good enough; it is because NONE of them fit my needs. You know that feeling. At least that’s the way my own brain works. I? NEVER tweak them then post them back on TpT but after I tweak them I may sent the “tweaked” item to a colleague for them to try out and use.

I am sorry but if I bought the item, spent my own time tweaking them and making it fit Louisiana history then I figure I will share it. I have done the same thing for the Civil War projects I have found, explorer’s projects, newspaper items, graphic novel ideas, etc. They all seem to have worked well with my own class but I want someone else to try them. Most have been successful with them also.

There are so many on TpT and some I have found on the elementary side and tweaked them UP and some I found on the high school side which I had to tweak DOWN just a bit. They all have work well. Some I have used and then I had to tweak them again because they just did not work well in my own environment but “hey, what can I say”. It is “live and learn”.

It is a lot like this blog. I wish I knew what would make people read and learn from it but people don’t so I just go on and do “my thing” and help the other teacher here in Louisiana – and there are lots of us who need info about I state and projects worksheets, lesson, power-points, etc and I just keep on sharing them. At some point in the future I will pass on to the classroom in the sky and people will have to do without my assistance.

But for now I will just keep on ‘reinventing’ and ‘tweaking’ thing I buy and making them fit Louisiana history.

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  1. Love the "Cell phone" paper. I so want to use it with my 7th graders and the scientsts we study. How is yours differently tweaked from the one on TpT?