Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy to be here

It is so funny to find people who can actually find me in this mass of blogs. Even I have a hard time finding my own blog. Sometime I have to scroll through hundreds of blogs in the middle school range to find this old man. I am happy to see everyone else here but I am still looking for that middle school person that teaches state history.

It may still be a long while before anyone else gets the idea that someone is looking. IT’s okay, but I will keep looking. At least I have found a couple of high school teachers who do what I do, just not in a poor state, or in Louisiana. It is funny that I may be practicing alone but I am making a “little” bit of money which I plow back into this site.

Over the last two quarters I have made over $200.00 which I am reusing to buy other teacher’s items. Those items get redesigned and reformatted into something I can use with my own students. I will never ‘re-sell’ those items here but I get to use them and see just effect they have on my eighth graders.

Most of my friends can’t understand why I do what I do. They can’t even understand Why I work early in the morning before school and before most other people even get up. Right now it is dark outside and cold – I mean really COLD. Well for south Louisiana standards it is cold. HE it is 35 degrees outside. BURRRRR.

I am happy with TpT and love the fact that other people are getting wealthy or should I say” wealthyer”.

Here’s to TpT.
Now I have to start getting ready for another school day. "Off to see my students!"

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