Sunday, October 9, 2011

Photo shoot Saturday

Saturday was a fun day but knowing me it is always about school and how I can better teach the subject. My wife and I spent the day traveling to Lafayette, she so she could work the honor band tryouts 2nd round, me so I could travel and photograph additional points of interest.
She did her thing all day and I did mine. I visited the Alexandre Mouton house. Mouton was the 12 governor of Louisiana so it became a great stop on my list of things to do. 12th is not a big number to celebrate to why waste the time if you are in the city right? From there I shot photos at the university, the local park honoring southwest Louisiana individuals.
I drove around the city just laughing at the fact that the streets of Lafayette must have been laid out by a drunken Cajun because there is no straight lines, no rhyme or reason to any of the streets. Lafayette’s streets are the strangest mish-mash of streets anywhere in the nation. No where can you start driving south, end up going east then end up in north Lafayette and never getting of the same street – plus going through four street names. My GPS was a waste of time here.
It took me over an hour just to get back to where I started and I still didn’t know where I had been. When I got to Lafayette that morning, I knew right where the school was, drove right to it and dropped my wife off from there the day was a gas eating mess but I did “accidently” find what I was looking for by just forgetting my GPS and driving directionally. Around noon it was tuff due to the sun being overhead but I stopped long enough to eat lunch at that time.

More photos later.

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