Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not as easy as it looks

One project down and another well on it’s way. “It’s just how this class rolls” as one student put it. Students have completed their first real major test in my class by completing their large Louisiana poster map. I graded them then put them outside on the wall for all to see. I have gotten lots of comments from other students and teacher alike about how nice they look.
From there we moved right into their next project – creating a new festival. The idea came to me years ago as we wanted a project that asked the students to use all their talents in creating an all new festival. The project is called “I can’t believe there’s not one yet!” festival project.

They create festival location, t-shirts, bumper-stickers, posters, tri-folds, weather research, power-points, etc; all about their newest festival. In Louisiana that is a very hard thing to do since you can’t do a festival that already been done – and we have lots of them. Just check this out to see how many festivals are in the state this year. CLICK HERE.

This year I am getting a sandwich festival, a breast cancer festival, a pelican festival, cowboy festival, and assorted other “new festivals”. They have to create the foods, music, queen’s contests, costs, look at other festivals in that city on their weekend, etc. It has been a pain to come up with something new.
Next week will begin a look at Louisiana's Native Americans through a new project - a booklet based on all they can find out about maggiage, culture, war, housing, worship, what remains, etc. Like I've said, the students work, I monitor.

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