Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Inservice, Tropical Storm Lee, and my stuff

Yea! It’s a holiday and the sun is shinning and the air is cool. Yet I am setting inside working on lesson plans for the month of September. Actually, I’m not writing lesson plans but revising them since I have used the same lesson ideas for the past several years during the month of September. They are all built around geography and the state we live in.

Only this year I have to reorganize them so that they fit the classroom schedule I have at my new school. I only have three days with which I have access to a promethean board, the other two days I am using someone else’s classroom with nothing but my own voice. That means what I used to do is limited to the three days I have the board and the other two limited to other things I do that do not use a board.

It’s not a problem for me to do this modification but it does mean that I have to restructure my lesson plans so that the administration understands what is going on and when. We are also being evaluated this month for accreditation so I really have to have everything in place and documented. No problem but it just means I need to “Have my act together” this month.

I did not mean I have to remake power-points, or create new worksheets, it just means I can pick the best of the best for each day this month the slide them in where needed. The only thing I have to create new is a lesson for Constitution Day. Not a problem, just take one of my best of the Best and model it into a one day event. Easy.

I would rather be out doing something else by the ground is to soft from all the rain we got from Tropical Storm Lee over the last several days. And it looks like we may be in store for another storm this weekend according to the Weather channel.

Tomorrow is an in-service day but I have been given an assignment to decorate the room/office the evaluators are using. All of them are from out of state so my principal asked if I could “Louisiana the room”, place a lot of my museum pieces on the shelves, put up posters, pictures, anything to make the room they will be using feel “homey”. Not a problem. I spend a couple of hours sorting through my tubs in the garage and pulling some great pieces. I will take pictures – before and after tomorrow.

Hey it gets me out of a boring in-service tomorrow morning for about four hours. Also I get to be with lots of my “stuff”. How cool can that be?

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