Monday, August 29, 2011

Nothing about nothing

Wow, just when I was thinking about deleting all my “store items on TpT” I suddenly start to make a few sells. But then, TpT takes their HUGE cut and I’m left with almost nothing. In the last couple days I have made three sells and I took home less than 50% of each sell. I wonder just how these teachers who are reporting sales of over $75,000.00 dollars are doing that. I know they are elementary teachers but losing such a large cut of everything is ruff.

I know my stuff may not be the best, and I know there just aren’t that many middle school teachers on the site, and I REALLY KNOW that there are even less middle school HISTORY teachers out there. So my chances of doing well are next to now. I was figuring that I just might give everything away then delete it all. I’ll keep the blog no one reads and keep getting their emails, just so I can “keep up with the Jones so to speak”.


  1. Greg - You have great products on TPT, but you need to become a premium member; then TPT only keeps 15%. It is well worth it, and I look at it in the same way as I do when leaving a tip at a restaurant.

    By the way, I am adding your blog to "One of My TOP Blogs" on my math blog. Go to and look at the second page. Your blog should be there by tomorrow (9/18/11).

  2. Forgot to tell you to read about the award and get a button to display on your blog here: