Monday, September 12, 2011

Just other freebie stuff

I am still playing around with activities that my students can do as short small fill-ins as they work through a chapter. Right now our sixth graders are working on Egypt. The are doing hieroglyphics and converting them to a new standard computer keyboard. I created a simple work sheet that they can use to make sure they have all the symbols. It’s nothing fancy but it did work. I will now do the full TpT stuff and give it away.
I also have a pyramid cutout that they will do later this week and bring back to us. It gives them another small hands-on activity. It is printed on card stock which will hold up much better than regular paper. Again I will do all the TpT stuff then give it away also.

I just decided that I will start doing things like this for my own students then if they work, I will give them away at TpT. Money is no longer an option here anymore. It’s all about exchanging ideas that someone can use.

Our American history students do a few really neat activities over the last couple of weeks which I will write up. My own eighth grade students have been busy but it is all “state related” so there is not much I can post there. Anyone who would lake that activies can email me and I will tell them where to get them.

Now I get to write up directions on how to use thems items and make sure they fit into someone's lessons.


  1. If you will check on my site their is a link to where your students can type in heiroglyphics. I have had them draw them, stamp them, but this I believe will be much faster and easier. You could have them write a sentence and then the next time some has to decode what they wrote.

    Of course, I found the site and won't be teaching about the ancient civilizations this year.

    ❤Vintage Teacher
    Vintage Teacher

  2. Your Blog has lots of good material! :)
    Ann Marie Smith
    Innovative Connections

  3. Your blog looks like a great fit for my middle school blog log. Check it out when you get a chance.