Sunday, September 25, 2011

History Math

Ok, so I found out why I had no comments. I had to go over to “Moderate” them. Stupid me. I am so sorry. I have been in my Xangaworld way to long I guess. Anyway, having found that out I may be here more often then. I have been looking over other middle school blogs (not that I’m leaving elementary ones out) and finding some really interesting items. As I get more and more intune with the workings of TpT maybe I can and will update all my postings and make a little more money.

I tend to be more elementary minded as I weave into my history class lots of math and ELA type of items. I want my students to know that all our subjects are interwoven and that they can’t just thing about one subject at a time. This week I will hit them with a simple set of math problems as they search our state after they finish mapping it.

The math problems ask them to figure out how any parishes (counties) border what item such as how many parishes border Texas, or how many parishes are completely on the east side of the Mississippi River. Working as a team of two, they have to then figure out the fraction then convert it to a simple fraction.
First team to finish WITH THE RIGHT ANSWERS wins. Nothing fancy, but it works, and again gets them to looking at our state before we really begin our in-depth study of history.

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  1. Weaving the math into the history is a GREAT idea! My students really get into a lesson when they see how interconnected everything they learn is.
    I LOVE how turning a lesson into a contest completely motivates the students to finish and keeps them ontask ... so simple, yet so effective!

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