Saturday, September 17, 2011

Constitution Day 2011

I knew I had to do something that would be interesting for my students so we filmed the U.S. Preamble, word by word, with each student saying one or two words each. I then edited the entire preamble using Pinnacle 12 software. The only problem was as I edited it I found that a few students did not say their whole part, leaving out words. That means that on Monday I will have to go back, add those few words and then edit them into the production.

However, the “idea” was a success and they loved being part of a ‘forever’ production. Below is the rough draft of the video without a few words. We will fix it and upload the completed video Monday evening.
Rough draft of our Preamble Video

We used a Flip camera and Pinnacle Software to do the production.

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