Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Come and gone

The accreditation team is now done. Only their paperwork must e completed and they are own thei way. They have visited all (most) of the classrooms and teachers, made their recommendations, and filled out their charts, graphs, and inspections.

As they have visited each classroom, only my 8th grade Louisiana history has been snubbed. Not one of them – all seven of them – failed to come by my class. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Sure they saw me interacting with the sixth and seventh grade history classes so many they just knew I was the type of guy who gets involved in all students work.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m a 21 very veteran teacher with “Teacher of the Year” accolades, maybe it it is just the fact that I’m 60 and still loving what I do. Who knows but I feel jilted.

The team was very nice and I got to talk too many of them. I am not worried about my skills – I guess I was just wanted their comments. Maybe I was just wanted too much. By noon they will all be gone. Back on their planes to parts unknown – Beaumont, Austin, Tucson, Denver, and other Episcopal parishes and schools.

Back at school I have been running into problems with my temporary classroom and its “permanent teacher. She is really not permanent – she only works three days a week but she has angry issues. Lately she has been taking it out on me and my students who use the art room two classes, two days a week. She claims we “touch” her stuff – no we don’t. Use her pencil sharpener – yes we do sometimes. Move her stuff around – no we don’t. Put things on her bulletin board – yes we do, temporarily. She says the room is always a mess – no, it is not; first I go back and clean it up every afternoon, make sure nothing has been touched and generally make sure it is just as we found it.

Being that she is ONLY a part-time teacher, I get to use the room on days she is not there and teaching. It’s a small school with limited classroom space. She needs to just get over it. As an art teacher myself I know how possessive a fellow teacher can be but she is “off the chain” as my former students used to say. I hate to even go in there tomorrow.

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