Wednesday, June 20, 2018


"We went out to eat a nice lunch on our anniversary, came home to watch a little TV, then went to take a shower in our large "Mexican Shower" where there was room for both of us - and a gang more - soaped each other up, scrubed each other. I soaped up her breasts, she my genitals, soaped up both our backs, washed each other from head to toe, front and back, then towel dried each other off and went to bed where we snuggled up with each other, then made passionate sex for a long time. The day went fantastic..." then I woke up from dreaming to see my wife leave to go to work at kid's day at CiCi's Pizza for our son doing face painting then she had choir practice late that evening for the Bishop's mass this Sunday and she got home late about an hour before I went to bed at 10pm. My day was quiet all day long. Some anniversary.

I slept solid all night and she did her normal thing - stayed up and fell asleep in the rocking chair then when to bed after past 2am I believe. I can't TELL you when she went to bed but I believe it was after 2AM.

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