Monday, October 30, 2017

Perfect weather, nearly perfect kittens, dog & cat....

Perfect weather, nearly perfect kittens, dog & cat. Let's take then one at a time. Weather could not have been better the last couple of days. Starts very cool - hum, cold in the early AM and warms up to cool during the rest  of the day. My Satsuma's are loving this weather. The dog doesn't like it to much in the AM but during the mid-day he loves beginning out on the porch.

The kittens seem to be getting a little better. We have had to separate them at night but we are getting thru it so far. During the day we are letting them have pay time together, just taking their litter box away till we separate them again  and make them go separate. They are eating better, playing better, snuggling more and better. Just being better 'kittens'. Just hope all goes well and we can adopt them out - all but one really. Runt may just become ours but he is doing so much better and getting bigger.

The dog is so much better and is so sad that he can't play with the kittens. We also know he just want of 'our' time instead of the kittens getting ALL of our attention. He is earing so much better, has taken all of his meds - as much as we could get down him. He still loves his 'me' time at night with momma.

Our lone large. old tomcat is still up and around. He generally sleeps with me at night and just hangs around the porch sleeping most of the day. He has not enjoyed the cold mornings but by mid day he would rather be outside than in.

On a side note. tomorrow is payday which we both love and are looking forward to. It is also Halloween, which we not be here for. We are no longer into that scene so it's 'lights off' and get out of town for us old people. We may go help our son at CiCi's or I might just stay and watch the Astro's game 6 with all the lights out or go to CiCi's to watch the game.....

Today our "lupper" may be at Waffle House just for a change of pace. We never know where we will eat but I am so looking forward to getting back to home cooked veggies and less money spent eating out everyday. I just want some more me, dog and cat time on the front porch.

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