Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Cool outside....

It is cool outside and I'm rocking away and typing on my laptop as a REAL LAPTOP. My wife is out here to worki... of no....playing on her iPad.

The kittens are asleep after paying a long time this morning and eating well. Our dog and cat are outside to enjoying the breeze. I wonder where we might go for lunch, also I know I am not going to CiCi's tonight with my wife. I am going to stay home and watch the Astros's game - alone - but I'm ok with that.

Things are much better overall today. Seems like like the kittens are doing so much better, the dog is  looking like he is back to his old self, the cat is doing very well. My wife's health is looking much better and mine is as good as I an expect, considering.

There is really nothing to blog about today other than I really would rather be doing something with my life if I could. I just have to think that God has a plan for me but I don't know what, when, where, etc.

Wife has gone off to 'work' CiCi's tonight with/for our son and I have stayed home in the dark to watch Astros game hoping to see them win the WS tonight.

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