Monday, August 8, 2016

Whole new week begins now....

Another start to another week. Great, I guess.

I did all my normal items this morning and yesterday but it seems it is really just more of the same. Spent a bit of time yesterday watching "Stranger Things" on Netflix with my wife. We both 'cat napped' during the afternoon along with our cats and dog. We both had very different late night suppers - she had cereal I had steamer veggies.

I slept very well last night, she is still sleeping, I typing here on this blog following reading of email, reading the paper and 'starting' on a TPT idea that just came to me while reading emails.

I have to finish getting dressed, put on my shoes, take the dog out, sit in the outside rocker for a bit, bring in the dog and give him his treat and then I can get back to my TPT idea.

We are suppose to take my grandson out to eat today but my wife can't seem to work out all the details between my grandsons, my son, his girlfriend, his daughter, the time, the place, etc.

It is just another week. What do you expect?

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