Saturday, August 6, 2016

This is Saturday, right?

I can not tell one day from another except for the fact that we go to church on Sunday. The rest of the week is a blur til my wife starts going back to teaching two days a week. That along with Sunday will keep things in prospective. Posting here is a way to force me into knowing the DAYS, I still generally don't know the DATE unless I look down and check the lower right corner of my laptop - hey, it's 8/6/2016 - wow. I did not know that.

Since I am not longer teach - and retired - I don't even notice anything about the school year other than my grand-daughter's school year. She keeps me grounded in a weird sort of way.

The time of day is another weird thing. Generally I don't notice the time either. Breakfast comes early whenever I get up - about 7 or so, after I weigh myself, take my BP, take my BS, take my pills, fix my Crystal-Lite, read my emails, read the morning paper online, check FB for a bit, put my shoe & socks on, walk the dog, sit in the rocker outside for a while, bring the dog in, get his 'treat', recheck emails, then blog a little bit, By then it's about 9ish. My wife will not get up till about 11ish, then she will have breakfast about noon.

I may have lunch around 1 or just wait until she fixes lunch around 3-4 in the afternoon. If I wait then we will not have supper period, which is fine with me.

During mid afternoon I may watch a little TV, things like the Glenn Beck show, Pat & Sue, etc. My wife will play on her iPad then nap for a couple of hours.

I would rather text my sister, her sister etc. But because of "issues" I can't and won't get into here, I am being limited even there, I can not even say anything here in fear of it getting back to her. 'Nuff said.

late afternoon/night means watch the local news, some TV and for me, going to bed about 10PM, for her going to bed between 1-2AM.

Hate my days. No wonder they all seem the same.

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