Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday is here

Thursday is here, no matter how early it is. I woke this morning at 4AM  and could not get back to sleep. I think/thought I heard noises in/around the house. I got up and now here I am just reading the local paper online, check the webcast of our local TV news, took all my BS/BP/weight readings. An hour later I'm here blogging trying to keep my eyes opening and head up.

I have just checked my TPT account and it looks pretty good. Course I still have lots of time this month to get things online before my check rolls in. My only problem is that right no I can not think of anything to do for my 'store'. It seems I have got a brainfreeze.

From time to time I keep nodding off but I do want to just stay up but I know that I might go back to bed and 'nap' till around 7-8. I do know I need to go up to Walgreen's later, Walmart* later, may go out for lunch but that is all in the distance for now.

Last night we finished watching Netflix's Stranger Things - it was VERY good!

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