Thursday, August 18, 2016

8/17 more rain

It was warm and dry yesterday morning,  so much that I tried to cut some grass. I did get the front yard cut but I kept bogging down because the yard was so wet. I did weed-eat some of the yard, al before  the skies open up again around noon. It poured until around three then it allowed my wife and I to get out and go to Lake Charles to check on her dad for a couple of hours.

I am not going to try to cut the remainder of our yard. It is just too wet. My big fear is our county grass. I've heard that it is super high and I can believe it. I've had trouble cutting it after two weeks and it has been three and a half with almost daily rain for the past week.

My grand-daughter started back to school yesterday. She seems to like it a lot.

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