Sunday, July 3, 2016


I have been searching for my ancestors for more than 30+ years. I have written to family members, emailed people, joined, LDS family search, everything. And for all those years I could figure out NOTHING.

 This morning I was sitting out on the front porch looking at various flags along our front four. There is the USA flag, the Acadian flag representing her French family, my pre-civil war Mississippi for my G-G-G grandmother and the Texas flag representing my G-G grandfather.

then something hit me. Me the longtime history teacher. My GGG grandfather was born "in what would become Texas" but he was born back in the early 1830s - BEFORE TEXAS BECAME A STATE!
 That then made me think about my GGG grandmother. I know her father and they were born in Illinois. But there is no record of her birth in Mississippi.
As I rocked there on the porch I got to thinking about where they came from.

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