Sunday, June 19, 2016

Did nothing really today

I have to say that I REALLY did nothing that made any sense today. But I did go to church, my grand-daughter's church where we met and sat with my soon and his girlfriend. It made for a nice father's day. He sat with his daughter and I sat with my son so it was a nice father/son/father/daughter get together.

From there she went with her dad and we went to my father-in-law where we heard the same stories over again for the umpteen time. He 90 and in good health but he forgets the stories he has already told us so we sit and here them again.

From there we went back to get our grand-daughter and she was 'sad' because she just wanted to see her mom. She had not seen her since Thursday. We took her to eat while her mom came to pick her up.

Like I said. I really did 'nothing' and it is Father's Day PLUS our Anniversary - 45 years of being married. Over all it turned out to be a good day - much like the 40+ years before I guess.

I did nothing for TPT but I did check my emails.

Tomorrow is another day.

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