Friday, April 22, 2016

Nominated but....

I was nominated for the SPAR (Wall of Honor) but no one seemed to tell me what time the event was going to be or where the event was going to take place so therefore "I missed it".

Not on purpose but just because. I knew the date but that was all I knew. I saw on Facebook several other folks who were enshrined that day/night. Some had coached or umpired for 10-15 years. I had coached and umpired for 33 years.

Not only did I coach for 33 years - I coached for the same team! I umpired for the same sport for over 25 years also.

I did get to 'see' my dear O'Malley today one last time as he was inside the trash truck that came by the house. I know he was inside because we are one of the last houses picked up during our weekly 'pickup', I'm not happy about how he was discarded but I don't know WHO  picked him up that night he was killed but.... he is gone now. I'm still sad.

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