Sunday, March 20, 2016

Successful Teaching

As a writer, journalist, history teacher, artist, tech guru, I know that "showing and letting students DO" is more powerful than "telling". My job is to create a word image in the student's mind. Visualization of the words helps readers to comprehend, my Ppt's generally are loaded it lots of images but I can't leave it to the student alone. I need to help them out by painting word pictures in their minds.
The same goes for teaching. Lecturing has minimal sticking power that is way I HATE LECTURING. Most students will tune out for a few moments if ever tuning in at all, or simply miss half or more of what you say. Students need to hear and see it and use it. The key to successful teaching is through modeling and demonstrating.
If you want students to be able to do something, then you must show them how. You can't simply say it and expect results. You must model or demonstrate it. The best way to show students how to do something is to model the process in front of them. Use metacognitive strategies by "thinking out loud", so that they can hear how you think through the process. Take students through the process step by step by modeling, demonstrating, showing your thinking, and by showing examples and non examples. Let them work in teams if need be.
Once you've shown them how to do something, guide them through practice, and remodel when necessary. 

3 Keys to Success
  1. Model the process in front of students.
  2. Walk students through the process.
  3. Observe students in DOING the process.
                     (Repeat as necessary). 

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