Wednesday, March 23, 2016


This morning I got an email from my favorite and dearest former student teacher. She wanted to inform me that at the end of this school year she and her husband will be moving to Texas. She is worried about finding a new job but is putting it all in God's hand. I know the feeling but she has always landed on her feet even though she is leaving the school she attended as a child and has been teaching at for about 15 of the past 17 years. She will be OK,I know she will.

Now on to the next thing I don't want to talk about - politics. I REALLY HATE Trump but on the flip side I like what he is talking about. His ideas WON'T work but his ideas generally make sense. I like the ideas but not the man. He reminds me of Hitler in the fact he is just leading people around and they don't even know why. I will vote for someone like Cruz over Trump if I have the chance. If not, I won't vote for the fist time since I voted for LBJ after Kennedy. That's more than10 elections in a row.

I have also been doing "feedback" for all my TPT purchases that I have not done over the past two years.

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