Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Finished my States

I just managed to complete my FREEBIES of my State Magazine Cover projects for TPT. It has been one major bit of work to get them all done and uploaded. I have been getting lots of compliments on the series which is really nice.

The 50+ state series look like this....
and the compliments sounded like these.....

"LOVE YOUR ACTIVITIES! Any plans on creating and sharing the rest of the states with magazine covers? Thank you for letting me know."

"Thank you! These magazine covers are amazing!"

"Brilliant! Thank you!"
"Clever title! Thank you!"
"Traveling with your magazine covers has been fun! Thank you."
"LOVE the Bucket List side picture! Thank you!"
"Traveling is FUN using your magazine covers! Thank you."

"THANK YOU! Grand slam! I am wealthy with each of your magazine covers!"

"Thank you. The variety of the magazine covers is what catches the eye. I like the fact that they are not uniform and the same - they each are in itself a representation of the state."

"Your magazine covers are so valuable! Each magazine cover used one or all - have such a wealth of possibilities! THANK YOU!"

"THANK YOU! What a gold mine of activities!"
"For teachers who require their classes to research and create state reports, your state magazine covers are one-in-a-million activity sheets. Thank you!"
"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Your magazine covers will the hit of the room!"

"Filling up the states with magazine covers! Thank you."

"BLESSINGS to you for creating and sharing so many activities in your store for teacher and students to use. Thank you!"
"States, people, events, and so much more can be represented using your magazine cover activities. Thank you!"
"And you created them for our students FOR FREE. Thank You."
"Your collection of activities is truly appreciated! "
"Another valuable magazine cover. Looking forward in having these visuals up in the room."
"Thank you for creating and sharing a cover for state assignments. "

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