Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Out in the warmth

Sitting outside in the sunshine is really nice when you can get it in February. it has been sort of cold the last several weeks but now it is nice. The weatherman calls for a couple of nice days before the next cold front slides through.

I can hardly see my laptop curser while sitting out here on the front porch. I have the screen in the shade but the sun is just to bright. I'm watching my cat chase birds. He will NEVER catch them but he does like chasing them.

I have been by myself all day. My wife went to my granddaughters school mass this morning then to lunch we her, afterwards she went to her dad's house where she has been hanging out with her sister who is in from Fort Worth.

The day has not been bad - just QUITE. The dog and cats don't talk but they do require a good bit of attention. They either want in or out most of the day.

I have sat on the porch, walked the dog, surfed the internet, texted my sister, had lunch and supper, and read part of a book.

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