Thursday, February 11, 2016

90th BD

Wow. What a number. 90 great years. My wife's dad just hit 90 years old and he is still in good health. He is having a few mental issues. But who doesn't. I'm 60+ and are having a few issues, my wife is a year older than me and is having a few issues. 90 looks pretty good to me. My own dad hit 92 before he passed away and he was still fairly sharp.

We took him out for lunch today, along with my sister-in-law. We all had a good meal and great conversation. Not bad for four OLD people.

I just mailed off a form so that the state can refund my money they have been holding for years. I'm not sure what the problem is since we have been living at the SAME ADDRESS for over 40 years. The tax refunds all have our address so what is the problem?

It is not a HUGE amount but it is still a REFUND. I had to email them four times before they FINALLY sent me the forms, highlighted to get MY money. One refund goes back to the days when I was in college - pre-1990, one refund is from a bank overage from pre-1991, and the other is a refund from a tax from pre-1980.

All the addresses are the same - OUR ADDRESS - so what's the holdup? The state of Louisiana just want's to keep MY money I guess.

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