Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Another day closer -

Another day closer to Christmas and I'm alone again. My wife took off to follower her 'former class' on their annual Christmas concert tour. She did the tour for years and now is helping her replacement do the same thing.

The tour includes her  string orchestra, the dance class, the choir, the piano class and the drama club traveling to our partners-in-education, a local bank, the mall for concert and lunch, followed by a trip to the nursing home across from the school. It has been a great tour over the years and it is the gift that just keeps on giving - year after year after year.

Later tonight she will do her 'face painting' activity at my son's place of business. Me? I plan on going to Wal*mart, looking on line for a couple of Christmas gifts - that's about MY day. Wow, exciting, I know.

Yesterday I was supposed to be Santa for photo my daughter was going to shoot but it got called off by the people who 'didn't know much'. It got called off because they were afraid they would be told "no" by the power at be.

It happened this way. The photo shoot was to be did for a donation to the youth orchestra at the university. It was all arranged, I was in costume and ready. I was driven to the university and was ready when 'the powers-to-be' decided that they better not do it because they were afraid they would get in trouble.

Now the problem was that they went ahead and did their 'end-of-semester' concert for donations ANYWAY. Parents HAD to pay to see their own kids play in a concert for which they had paid for the whole semester. A concert playing music that they are NOT supposed to collect for due to fact that it is illegal.

Parents HAD to pay to hear THEIR own kids preform but photos that they did not have to take was a 'no go'. Does that make sense? Not to me either.

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