Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tuesday's- No, Wednesday's World

I'm left in a world of unknowns as those around me battle over land that has been handed down through centuries since before Louisiana became a state.

My wife is 'fighting' with her dad as he wants to sell off land in Cameron parish. Land which has been passed down from generation to generation. And he just wants to sell it off for much less than my wife thinks it is worth.

It is not a huge section but it is a family section that goes way back. It is only 69 acres but as my wife says it is 69 acres that you can NEVER GET BACK. It should be handed don to my wife and her sister and their children and their children. But it my not.

It is sort of like the old farm in Sweetlake. What's left is only 4 acres of what used to be 100 acres.

- - - - -
Her dad DID NOT SALE the land - that makes my wife happy now.
- - - - -

I spent much of Wednesday working on another TPT project because I have been asked to by a teacher who has bought my previous three Task Card set

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