Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday is a slowdown day

I hate to say this but right now I am not looking forward to this Thanksgiving. It's the fact that our son is planning on taking us on a cruise. My wife is 'sort of excited' and I am 'not excited' but that will change as we get closer to the leave date.

For us. it is interrupting our usual All-State plans since we can only stay one night instead of four. We will drive to Baton Rouge Friday and come home Saturday only to go back I-10 again this time to New Orleans on Monday. This will be a grueling go/comeback/go again style weekend. I THINK my son and his girlfriend and our grand-daughter will ride with us or we will ride with THEM to New Orleans.

Anyway, the cruise will leave Monday and get back on Friday.

My sister is telling me to be happy that my son wants to take us, all expenses paid. I would be if I wasn't 'handicapped' like I am. Used to be, I would be excited but for now I'm just 'ammmmm'. At least I have been looking at the cruise online - expenses, what we can do and can't do. I have found out that parking is expensive - $18 a day, but it is onsite and protected. Food is unlimited but my wife and I only eat maybe one small meal a day. The rooms are adjoining which will make my grand-daughter happy - she can go back and forth between her daddy and her maw-maw. See, I'm never in the picture.
We did not want my son to pay for us but he did anyway. The time of the trip is double the normal cost but he wanted his daughter to go and her mom did not want her missing any school - so we go during the Thanksgiving holidays.

This trip kills our All-State and Renaissance Festival weekend also - but 'oh well', it's one week. Of course my wife has not thought about it still being 'hurricane season' - I know actual hurricane season is 'officially' over November 1st but I have seen hurricanes form all the way into January.

Besides researching the cruise, I am busy working on another set of TPT Task Cards for my online store covering Louisiana Native Americans...

This set should be ready Tuesday or Wednesday.

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