Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Midweek just might be....

Midweek just might be an interest story. My plans include going out to the country to cut grass this morning as my wife heads off to church with my grand-daughter. I posted my favorite holiday item on TPT yesterday, My Ghost Story Task Cards...
Maybe I will have some luck with it just like all the other items. Yesterday was a HUGE day with email messages coming in like crazy with people buying stuff all day. WOW! I even uploaded it to TN but I know it won't sale there at all. Nothing ever has.

I also picked up another teacher to mentor over the past three days. That has been fun - that makes five this fall.

I did go to the country to cut grass before it is said it will rain. It is still like bailing hay out there but it all did get done.

I came back and began working on my new' set of task cards for TPT.
They are not ready to post online yet but I am working towards getting them ready at least.

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