Friday, October 2, 2015

Middle of the week (now END) of week

It is the middle now END of the week and I just finished my mystery shopper assignment and hope it is the last. I love the money but I am still afraid of the 'catches' I know have got to be hanging out there somewhere.

It has HAD  a major 'catch' because it caused a lock down of my account(S) with the bank saying my accounts were frozen due to FRAUD or a STOLEN check deposited. I have never deposited a stolen or copied check. NEVER.

The company has been gracious in trying to fix the problem. My contact says the check IS GOOD and is working to fix the problem. But I want my accounts cleaned up and my own money available so that I can get my medications, buy some groceries, put some gas in my car plus get some gas for my mower in the country.

It is strange to go back and forth with my agent. She has been so understanding - I guess.

It is very, very cool outside today. As I took the dog out I could tell he was very frisky. He was pulling on his leash lie crazy. He actually pulled me off the last step coming down from the porch. He had to go 'tinkle' bad! When he came back in, he and the cat chased each other across the house several times.

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