Sunday, October 20, 2013

Boot this thing!

This boot/brace on my left foot to beginning to “weight” me down in a sense, I want it off and I walk to “walk” like I used to. I want to back like it used to be. I still try to do the things I used to but it takes me MUCH longer than before. Hauling items, weed eating, to cutting board takes so much longer. Going places I used to take so much longer than it used to. Some places I am asked to go get a ‘no way’  I would rather not even go because I am just to slow.

I have not been to a football game, marching festival, visit a historical site, all because I am just to dang slow, can't climb steps, to afraid of failing. I just want to get out of this boot/brace. 

I am going to go to my grand-daughter’s school carnival after church today but I would rather not. I know I will just slow everyone down. I know I won’t enjoy it as much as I used to even though it is with my grand-daughter and my wife.
I just want to get rid of this boot. The nurse at PT fussed at me last visit because I didn't wear it. I had hoped she wouldn't but she did! She did teach me several things I need to do to help. But I am sorry. I don't want to be in this thing forever.

I do know that I am getting better, I am not dragging my foot with each step, I am lifting my foot better when I climb the steps getting up to our front porch. I am even going down the steps frontwards....but very slowly. I just want to get better YESTERDAY! Is that to much to ask? 

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