Friday, September 20, 2013

Shower news and PT

Finally this wonderful shower got used the way it was intended. My wife and I got to shower together using the handheld and the rain head shower at the same time. There was so much extra room in the shower that it was fantastic. The outside rain storm did not bother us as we spent so much extra time using the over-sized shower as a duo for the very first time. I have been in the vanity room as she showered and she the same with me but this was a first time to use the shower together.

My wife washed my left leg which I can’t do very well and helped me with my back and right arm which the left one does not do really well.

Using the other tub-shower was never fun or comfortable. We always have to make sure not to push the other one much because you would fall out. This time there is so much extra room that there was never a problem or fear of making someone fall out.

I would show you photos but that’s not happening. Just take it on fact and understand it was fantastic having so much room to move around, helping wash each other’s back etc., a bench to sit on while we washed our feet, legs, etc. the shower cost over $18,000 total so it needs to get used as much as possible. It has and will from now on.

PT went really well Friday and I see that I am making progress so that also makes me happy. Today I actually put my pants on while standing up. I got my socks on by myself and put my brace/boot on followed by my shoe. All this used to be no big deal but today it was a cause to celebrate! The mind games we played in OT today went super and I got to actually do them with my right hand just to set a standard to shoot for. I am almost there on all of them so that made me smile. The PT with the brace/boot helped me do so many things better – my gate and walk is so much more stable and I don’t tend to lean to one side or the other.

I will keep you posted on both

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  1. Good news on the home front and at PT! I am so happy for you. Keep moving forward! My prayers are with you.