Monday, October 3, 2011

Getting better as the time rolls on

The weekend has been very productive. I have posted a few more lesson ideas, fixed a few that I already had online, and began some new one based on ideas I got from several long time TpTers. Taking information from many elementary teachers as to how to increase my sales I began to work on new and better details, more freebies, and a more diverse selection.

I redid my blog and just molded it into one that even I can be proud of. I am not the young, spry 20 or 30 year old. I’m the old man doing this ‘giving away knowledge’ but it does not mean that I can’t learn from the best. It just may take me longer.

I have been looking over many younger teachers’ products, downloading their previews, looking at how they have theirs set up and remodeling my own. Sure I know that there are not many of us middle schoolers here but many of my items can be used by other grades and I need to market them as such.

I have begun to figure this blog thing out better and creating a list of my own way to market my items. I have posted the best of the best along the left side of this column with lots more to come. They all will be better and more colorful in the future.

I have blogged for years at another site – since 2000 to be exact – and I have loved it. Over there I have lots and lots of followers but here things are a little slower but I understand. Life starts slow and swells. This old man may not have THAT much more time but I will give it all with the time I have left.

See y’all on this side of the graveyard – for a while at least!

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  1. Hi, I followed the link from your other site. Have fun playing here. :-)